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Our Services

Below are some of the services our Dentist offer:

Cleaning / Scale & Polish

It's the cleaning of the teeth all around the gum line on the back and front of the teeth to remove any plaque and tartar.

Dental Filling

Is the restoration of missing tooth structure to restore the function and integrity by the placement of dental implants.

Dental Extraction

Its the removal of teeth wich is done for teeth that have been damaged beyond repair, that no other dental treatment can save it (or improve its condition).

Dental Jewellery

This involves restoring the tooth with some form of material like gold or silver. It can either cover the whole crown of the tooth or it can fit into a designed cavity inside the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Its a dental treatment for removing infection from inside a tooth which protects the tooth from future infections. It is carried out in the pulp of the tooth, which is the root canal.

Minor Oral Surgery

This basically refers to smaller operations and include removing wisdom teeth, impacted teeth, and severely broken-down teeth, as well as apicectomies, biopsies and other procedures.

Teeth Alignment

During teeth eruption, some teeth may erupt in the wrong position causing malalignment or crowding. There may be extra teeth causing normal teeth to erupt in the wrong position. This may cause aesthetic problem

Removable False Teeth/Denture

This involves restoring the tooth with some form of material like gold or silver. It can either cover the whole crown of the tooth or it can fit into a designed cavity inside the tooth.

Weight Management

We provide and advice on healthy food, snack choices and a diet plan which is less in calories and less cariogenic. We do BMI analysis and weight management, it be for weight gain, weight loss or maintenance.

Why BeauDental?

At BeauDental We...

Create a positive dental experience to customers and stakeholders by impacting knowledge, positive attitudes and good oral health practices, through the use of advanced technology to manage DENTAL PAIN. Help our customers keep all their teeth into old age

Our Mission Is...

To be a rich at heart, fashionable dental practice which prides in modest customer care and service delivery.

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Meet Your BeauDental DR.

Dr Beauty Metsiatsile Motlhaping-Dzingwe

DENTIST | PR0716251

Dr Motlhaping-Dzingwe is passionate about her dental profession and her love for her clients makes Beau Dental the place to go. “Beau being short for Beauty and being your admirer, depicts Beau Dental as a rich in heart, FASHIONABLE dental surgery which prides in modest customer care and service delivery. Her mission is to create a positive dental experience to her clients and stakeholders and to create and instil a positive perspective about oral health through deviation from the norm.

Beau Dental Reviews with ekomi.co.uk
  • "I had a very painful hole in my pre-molar tooth which had hard deposits on it, the only solution i had was to remove it. Until a friend of mine refered me to BeauDental Clinic, where i met Dr Motlhaping who thoroughly cleaned and filled the hole in my tooth withought any pain at all. Now my tooth is as healthy as new"

    Errol Nemo

  • "It is not very often that I post reviews on treatment by Medical / Dental practitioners, in this instance I am compelled to share my experience. I had issues with a previous Dentist which he did not seem able to resolve. My experience with the Practice and the treatment from Dr Dzingwe has restored my faith in the Dental Profession. Friendly professional staff , immaculate premises, state of the art equipment, polite and courteous treatment from Dr Dzingwe, her meticulous attention to detail should be the minimum standard. I would recommend this practice to everyone."

    Christopher Mudau

  • "I have never been a fan of Dentists, but this was by far the best patient care I have ever received from any healthcare provider ever!
    Dr. Mothlaping Dzingwe took the time to explain exactly what work needed to be done and then proceeded to do the work in the most professional, skillful and precise manner I have ever seen. Great Service i recieved from the BeauDental team!"

    Markus Denny

  • "Very well, very informative on first visit, dental treatment was quick, painless and very comfortable,will definitely continue having my treatment done at BeauDental Clinic."

    Mrs Nandi


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